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    All About Selling Your Woodfield Country Club Property with Entel Luxury Homes

    You can say with ease and confidence that living in Woodfield Country Club is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

    Beautiful resort-style amenities were right within your reach. The staff on-site was always ready to help you with your needs. You were able to make lifelong friends out of your neighbors in-between golf swings or at dinners in one of Woodfield’s classy restaurants.

    No other kind of lifestyle can be this perfect. And it’s a lifestyle you’d like to share with people who want in Boca Raton’s most prestigious country club.

    So you’ve decided to pay it forward and sell your Woodfield Country Club property. Let Entel Luxury Homes guide you through the home selling process and help you end this chapter of your life with a fulfilling and memorable real estate transaction.

    A snapshot of Woodfield Country Club real estate

    It’s easy to see why plenty of people want to live in Woodfield Country Club. It’s been recognized as a 5-Star Platinum Club of America for over 15 years. And being part of the Distinguished Emerald Clubs of the World certainly adds to Woodfield’s prestige.

    But before we focus on what you can highlight as you sell your Woodfield Country Club property, let’s take a look at the real estate market.

    What’s in the market?

    To date, Woodfield has a total of 1,300 country club homes spread across 20 distinct villages. Architectural styles in the country club are diverse, ranging from rustic Mediterranean-style villas, contemporary single-family houses, magnificent luxury estates surrounded by lush tropical foliage, and more. Woodfield Country Club properties offer 1,500 to 10,000 square feet of living space.

    Homes in Woodfield Country Club are highly coveted, so much so that don’t linger in the market. On average, homes in the area sell within a 120-day period. And with the housing market heating up, these properties are getting sold for shorter periods of time.

    Membership options at Woodfield

    Woodfield Country Club offers two kinds of membership, depending on the resident’s lifestyle:

    • Full equity membershipcovers unlimited golf, tennis, and social perks.
    • Standard equity membershipentitles the person to limited golf, tennis, and social perks.

    Equity memberships at Woodfield Country Club also include the member’s entire family(spouse and children under 25 years of age who are living at home). Children who are 25 years and older can sign up for a Legacy Membership.

    Selling your Woodfield Country Club property

    Your home’s location already sets it apart from other properties for sale in Boca Raton, FL. Still, it pays to highlight all of the best things that come with purchasing a property in Woodfield Country Club.

    Make sure to mention the following things about Woodfield Country Club in your online listing, ads, and other marketing materials:

    • It’s family-friendly
    • Woodfield Country Club has a ton of resort-style facilities residents of all ages can enjoy, such as playgrounds, tennis courts, pools, and the 3,000 sq. ft. clubhouse. There’s also a junior golf course for budding golf stars and an entertainment area with video and arcade games.

      The country club is also located near some of the best private schools and top public schools in the city. Boca Raton universities offer more avenues for higher learning.

    • It’s easy to enjoy an active lifestyle here
    • Woodfield Country Club has a 38,000 sq. ft. fitness complex perfect for stretching, lifting, working out, and making new friends. State-of-the-art fitness machines and other facilities offer wellness solutions. Weekly yoga, Zumba, and other classes keep residents in tip-top shape. And since the area is sprawling, you can go on long runs whenever you want.

      There’s also a 12,000 sq. ft. heated swimming pool and a lap pool if you want to shake up your cardio routine. Lush foliage hugging both pools provides a refreshing view, especially at night, when everything glistens under the soft evening light.

    • It’s a golfer’s paradise
    • The Kipp Schulties-designed 18-hole championship golf course was just renovated to the tune of $7.9 million. It’s now an even more dynamic golf course with pleasant fairways, awesome bunkers, and an island green.

      With a full equity membership, potential buyers can join the Men’s and Women’s Leagues or any of the Woodfield golf tournaments.

    • It’s a gated community
    • A gated community such as Boca Raton’s Woodfield Country Club offers peace of mind. These are plus points for real estate buyers for whom serenity and security are top requirements.

      Thanks to Woodfield’s strict security measures, potential buyers can rest easy knowing that the entire community is safe.

    • It’s a mini-paradise

    Living in a community that has great amenities makes every day a vacation. And since almost everything is available or easily accessible from Woodfield, there’s hardly ever any reason to leave.

    Tips on selling your Woodfield home

    Here are some tips on how you can sell your property in Woodfield Country Club without issue.

    Follow the HOA rules

    Homeowner associations in gated communities have rules about a lot of things. They are particular about open house set-ups, “for sale signs,” and people who come and go. Checking and following the HOA do’s and don’ts will spare you, the buyer, and real estate agents from a lot of problems.

    Hire a real estate agent

    Selling your home on your own to avoid paying for an agent’s commission is an outdated concept. Most of the time, FSBOs (“for sale by owner”) end up paying more and sell their homes for around 30 percent less than agent-brokered properties. That’s precious money down the drain.

    Here are several other reasons why you should hire a real estate agent to sell your home:

    • They keep emotions out of the way
    • Feeling strongly about selling your home is natural. But this could cloud your judgment in important issues like price, counteroffers, etc.

      A real estate agent will not feel offended when a potential buyer rejects your home. They know it could be for many reasons besides the home itself. Competition, market conditions, and other factors can keep properties from getting sold.

    • They work full-time
    • Selling a home can be time-consuming. With a Realtor, you don’t need to make time to arrange virtual meetings with buyers or contractors. Your Realtor will do all of this for you.

    • They’re well-connected
    • You can always have your home featured on well-known real estate sites and on the multiple listing service (MLS), but your network of real estate professionals isn’t as wide as an experienced Realtor. This could keep you from getting your property sold and finding the right person to turn over the house keys to.

    • They will help you with the legal aspects of home selling
    • It’s not just a matter of having your home sold. It’s also a matter of finding an expert who knows your obligations as a responsible home seller. Realtors can guide you through the legal aspects of home selling, ensuring you make the right disclosures and whatnot.

    • They will help you vet potential buyers
    • Some buyers only want to view your property while others are legitimately interested in purchasing it. A Realtor can guide you to focus your efforts on serious buyers. By asking filter questions like how long a buyer has been house hunting, your Realtor can tell whether the buyer is serious about the property or not.

    • They know how to find hidden flaws in your home
    • You may not notice that some kitchen tiles are chipped, the garage doesn’t smell good, the living room isn’t well-lit, and that some parts of your home look outdated because you’ve lived in the house for so long.

      Experienced real estate agents can easily spot these and more, then help you boost your property’s market value. They will offer effective solutions and find the right contractors to do the job.

    Choosing a real estate agent

    Now for the challenging part: choosing an effective agent. With an experienced Realtor by your side, you can sell your Woodfield Country Club property smoothly. So, take your time and consider the following tips to find the right Realtor for you.

    • What’s their experience and work style?
    • Do they work full-time or part-time, alone or with a team? This is important since you want someone who can return calls and answer emails about legalities, mortgage issues, and others as soon as possible.

      Inquire about professional affiliations, like the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which requires members to follow a code of ethics to keep transactions above board. The NAR also offers additional training which upgrades members’ skills. Ask if they have designations as well.

      Request for references. Give them a call and ask about their experience with the real estate agent.

    • The agent must know the neighborhood
    • Work with a real estate agent who not only knows Woodfield Country Club but the surrounding area as well. In addition to real estate matters, they should know important local information like the number and location of schools and parks in the area, restaurants and shopping options nearby, and facilities like hospitals, airports, and public transportation.

    • Get a tech-savvy agent
    • Now that real estate businesses are moving online, get a real estate agent who knows how to navigate this space well. Are their online property listings engaging? What kind of digital marketing strategies do they use? Do they recommend virtual tours and showings?

      Tech-savviness also applies to communication. Is the real estate agent active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Can you reach them through messaging apps? Do they use video-conferencing tools? Do they have a real estate website potential buyers and sellers can visit?

    • Check their marketing plan for your property
    • How will the agent sell your property? What do they have that their competitors don’t? During the interview, ask your prospective real estate agents to come up with marketing plans tailor-made for your property.

    • Is the agent well-connected?
    • Do they know other real estate agents in the area? How about bank executives, officers of financial institutions, homeowners associations, building and construction contractors, designers, and other professionals that can help you with selling your home?

      It’s best to have a real estate agent with a wide network. You’ll never know what kind of additional help you’ll need.

    Staging your home

    The pandemic has made virtual tours one of the safest ways to view homes for sale. But just because you don’t have to open your door to potential buyers doesn’t mean you can sell your home looking as is. If anything, staging your home is more important than ever. Here’s how you can showcase your home’s best assets and convince buyers your property is the dream home they’ve been looking for.

    • Change window treatments
    • Replace old, heavy drapes with more up-to-date, breezy ones that let the natural light in. Simple window curtains and covers allow the area to breathe, appear larger and more open. Hang floor-length drapes near the ceiling instead of right on the window frame to add height to the room.

    • Hang crisp white towels
    • Stage your bathroom by going monochromatic. Clean white towels give a fresh, clean ambiance. Add a pop of color by placing an indoor plant or two.

    • Use the right rugs
    • Rugs can dramatically change a room’s appearance. Pick rugs that complement the intended space’s size and furnishings so that the entire room will look coordinated and well-decorated.

    • Perk up bookcases
    • Add visual interest in bookcases and shelves by stacking books vertically and horizontally. Try inserting trinkets in-between the books to serve as accents. You can also group certain books together according to color. Creative stacks will give these storage options more character.

    • Clean the home from top to bottom
    • Your home must be spotless. Scrub walls. Polish floors. Dust furniture. Wash rugs. Vacuum floors. Wipe all surfaces. Make the bathroom and kitchen sinks sparkle. Rid of lingering smells. A clean home is a well-loved home.

    • Remove personal items
    • Family photos may be precious to you, but potential buyers are more interested in seeing how your property can be the perfect place to call home. So set aside personal effects, like photos, vacation souvenirs, children’s toys, and religious items and replace them with art, coffee table books, and other home décor.

    • Spice up the entryway
    • Knock the socks off prospective buyers from the get-go with a welcoming entryway. Put potted plants in the front yard. Mow the lawn. Get rid of dry, decaying leaves and trim the shrubs and trees. Lay out a welcome doormat. Little things like these will make buyers feel right at home.

    Sell your Woodfield property with Entel Luxury Homes

    A Woodfield Country Club address in Boca Raton means “you’ve made it” for plenty of home buyers. And because of that, selling your home to the right buyer can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you’ll ever have.

    As residents and members of Woodfield Country Club ourselves, we understand your vision. Let Entel Luxury Homeshelp you pay it forward by hiring us as your real estate agent and marketer. Our tried-and-tested home selling practices and marketing strategies, which include professional real estate photography and 3D presentations, will make your Woodfield property stand out.

    Use our insider knowledge of Woodfield Country Club and innovative real estate marketing strategies in selling your home. For more information about our real estate services in Woodfield Country Club and Boca Raton, FL, call us at 561.990.8566 today.

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